What We See Matters

What We See Matters

In Acts 2:17, it says that God wants to pour out His Spirit on all people, and when He does, we will begin to see things beyond the way they are in the natural. When we look at society’s alarming statistics and negative patterns, we will be able to hold onto hope because we see what God sees.

The fact is that what we see in the natural matters, but what we see spiritually matters even more. That’s because as Isaiah 55:8-9 says, God knows much more than we do.

I was reminded of this a couple of months ago when I received an email from one of our missions partners. We working with them to build our second House of Palms— homes for girls rescued from sex working in India.

The email told us that we were required now to build an extra room we hadn’t planned on, which meant we were fifty thousand dollars short.

Now, we all know that we are in a rough economic time. Still, we had saved enough money in the church’s budget to be able to move things around and fulfill our payments. However, I prayed and felt God instruct me to stay out of it.

As the deadline for payment started to get closer I started to get nervous. God, what are you seeing? I would pray.

Then, one day, He showed me. A man from Asia whom I had never met had heard about what we were doing. He sent us a check for more than enough money than it took to build the extra room, without even knowing our situation.

Friends, God always sees more than we do. When we learn to live with His vision over ours, we will live our best life.

By looking at the story of Moses at the burning bush, we are shown how to do so.

The first thing we must do is let God rescue us from our own vision. When Moses was first called by God, He responded with a list of reasons why he was unqualified— why that wasn’t what he had envisioned for his life. But God saw something greater, and so God rescued Moses from his own vision.

The second thing we must do is to let God replace our pride with humility. This was proven when God instructed Moses to take off his sandals, because the place he was standing was holy ground. God knew that Moses had to humble himself if he was going to be prepared to fulfill his purpose.

Finally, we have to release our perceptions about the way things should be done. When Moses asked God, “What if people don’t listen to me?” God responded miraculously, completely changing His perception by working powerfully through Him. And He’ll do the same for us.

If we’ll learn to see the way God does, beyond the natural, trusting His plan for our life, we will do more for Him than we ever dreamt possible!