Webinar: The Winning Play: Setting Goals for Real Success

Webinar: The Winning Play: Setting Goals for Real Success

We know that victory requires a winning plan, and a winning plan starts with setting the right goals! So what’s the secret to setting goals that will set us up for success? Join Pastor Jim Graff and Jeff Caliguire for this webinar entitled “The Winning Play: Setting Goals for Real Success.” They discuss best practices for setting winning goals and take questions from webinar attendees.

Jeff Caliguire collaborates with leaders and mentors coaches in unlocking their unique strengths while fostering their character growth and helping them achieve their full potential. He has led numerous retreats and immersion experiences, which he views as pivotal for lasting transformation.

Through their organizations Soul Care, We Train Coaches, and The Leader Coach, Jeff and his wife Mindy continue to inspire and empower individuals on their journeys toward purposeful living. They also founded Whisper Ranch, a 26-acre leadership development and training property.

With eight published books to his name, including “Leadership Secrets of Saint Paul,” “Unlocking Your Convergence Point,” and “The Habits of Hope: Self-Leadership Strategies to Unleash Your Bigger Purpose,” Jeff has made a significant impact in the world of leadership and personal development. Most recently, he authored the three-book “Coaching Transformation Academy Series.”