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Ways Churches Win…Celebrating Moms

Ways Churches Win…Celebrating Moms


“Pampering for Moms” at Free Worship Church (South Carolina)


FreeWorship, now located in Cheraw, SC and Rockingham, NC. continues to approach each and every Sunday from a unique and different perspective.  Our theme is “Church, only different”  We have broadened our worship experience opportunities with our new Rockingham location offering a Saturday Afternoon time.

Our Creative team got together to determine creative ways to get ladies into our Mother’s Day Worship Experience.  We decided to cater to our ladies by opening our lobby 30 minutes prior to and 30 minutes after the worship experience to host a Lula Roe clothing booth, a free manicurist, and a free licensed massage therapist chair massage, as well as, our Sweet Aroma Coffeehouse.  Giveaways during the worship experience included drug store gift certificates, homemade cakes, and Lula Roe gift certificates.   We used Facebook with sponsored advertising to boost the event.  The May sermon series is entitled “NXT LVL”.  All the ladies enjoyed the special attention and creative opportunities to reach the community for Jesus Christ.  It was also a great way to invite others as well.


“Super Moms Recognized” at Victory Family Church (Pennsylvania)


During our services this Mother’s Day, we wanted to surprise some deserving moms who had gone beyond the call of duty to do something extra-special for their families, communities, friends or loved ones. We began Supermom Nominations in April, encouraging our congregation to nominate a mother who had made a significant impact in their life by completing a simple online form. When nominations closed, one winner was selected for each of our services. The nominator of each of the winning moms was asked to come in for a brief (and secret!) video appearance that would be shown during service.

Each of the chosen supermoms received a bouquet of flowers delivered by the senior pastor, a certificate for a lovely dinner out, and the surprise video of their loved one(s) shown in service thanking them for making such a significant impact by putting the lives of others above their own.

Along with our special Supermom Nominations, we honored all mothers with chocolate covered pretzels as they exited the sanctuary.


“It’s All Smiles” at Cape First Church (Missouri)


Mother’s Day is always a special day that can affect a church in one of two ways.  Some churches experience an increase in attendance because of families that travel to visit their mothers, which also can result in a decrease in attendance in other churches because of these families who are traveling.  Whatever the case, you can make the most of this special day at your church.  Some of the simple things done here at Cape First is we show a special Mother’s Day video during the service with a message of hope and love, provide a small gift for every mother and of course, design the message around moms. Our Kids Life ministry always has a special take home gift planned for mom that the children create that morning during service and our area ONE Youth hosts a special “Date My Mom” fun night during the Sunday evening service that allows the students to invite their moms to service to enjoy a special evening honoring them with gifts, games and dessert! Something that is always a “hit” for the entire family is we set up a backdrop display in our lobby for families to take pictures.  Then, we encourage them to post their pictures on social media which expands our influence and outreach.  It’s something that allows moms of all ages to participate in and brings many smiles and captured memories for years to come!


“Chocolate-Covered Treats and Family Fun with Moms” at Faith Christian Family Church (Missouri)


Faith Christian Family Church loves it’s mothers! Over the past few weeks we asked our moms (old and young) for pictures of them with their children.We had a video of these pictures rolling on the foyer and sanctuary monitors before and after the service. Our senior pastors acknowledged mothers during the service; and afterwards there were chocolate covered strawberries in pretty take-home boxes for all the moms. In addition, many of our families used our special Mother’s Day self-serve photo booth that was set up in our foyer. The photo booth was decorated with flowers and many props and signs were available for them to use in their photos.

“Moms are Important” at Faith Christian Family Church (New Mexico)




“Moms “Stick out” and are Lifted Up in Prayer” at Faith Family Church Gonzales (Texas)


We had a great time making moms feel special on Mother’s Day. The kids passed out large Mother’s Day stickers to the moms that said things like, “My Mom’s Da Bomb” and “One Hot Momma,” and moms enjoyed cheesecake bites served before and after services. Pam prayed a special prayer for the moms.

Beautiful testimony from our service honoring moms: Captain Allen Taylor, chief detective for GZ with over 25 yes. experience, said FFC has restored his faith in humanity and God. He has been out of church for over 20 years and disillusioned by all he has seen over the years. Never one to be given to emotion, Captain Taylor, fought back tears while Pam prayed.


“Honoring Winning Wives” at Family Life Fellowship,

At Family Life Fellowship one the specific things we did differently this year than years in the past is we honored our key team members wives with the book recently put out by Kay Warren that discussed being a pastor’s wife but we honored that core team of those who serve in ministry specifically which truly seemed to be a pleasant surprise to them while honoring also the mothers in the entire church. We also treated moms by giving out donuts for each mom at our services.




“Life of a Mom, as told by Snapchat” shared at Believers Church (Ohio)


We did a video called “The Life of a Mom, As told by Snapchat”… Our goal was to show the controlled chaos and humor thru the eyes of a mom. Here it is!

We continued in our series “Is it ok to…?” which has been one of our all time favorite series! We’ve been asking questions like “Is it ok to live the gay lifestyle or attend or service a gay wedding?” (By far the most viewed message in our church history… definitely a need in culture) + “Is it ok to drink alcohol or smoke marijuana?“…

This week we wanted to focus on self-image and encouraging everyone (especially moms) to find their identity based on what God put inside of them… so we answered the question “Is it ok to get a tattoo, have plastic surgery or be cremated?”

Baby dedications is a tradition each Mother’s Day, which brings tons of new visitors.

We also did fun photo area for moms and their families + had some great chocolate stuff for every mom!


Moms become “Queen of the Day” at Faith Family Church (Texas)




Faith Family Church LOVES Moms!…So Mom was the Queen of the Day! With Mother’s Day Stickers, Family Photo booths, Muffins with Mom, free specialty coffee, the Queen Mom Song, and a special coffee mug giveaway with treats inside, Moms were celebrated in a big way! We dedicated babies which was another way to bring families together while celebrating Moms. Mrs. Tamara Graff shared an inspiring message on Rockin’ our Castle by being pillars in our home. We had a blast creating a welcoming and family environment for everyone’s family to enjoy!

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