The “Who, Me?” of Leadership By Dr. Pat Murray

The “Who, Me?” of Leadership By Dr. Pat Murray

There are individuals who, as soon as they walk into the room, you realize they are real leaders, born leaders. There’s a charisma that they carry and an instinctual understanding of how to lead others well that’s a marvel. But not all leaders are born leaders. William Shakespeare said that some are born great, some achieve greatness, but some have greatness thrust upon them. They rise to a place of leadership. I think that is the case for many men and women who enter the ministry. I know personally that I didn’t choose to be a pastor; pastoring chose me!

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We all want to do what we do better. We want to become better leaders. But the way that we think in terms of kingdom leadership is a bit different than how the average leader thinks. We don’t just deal with leadership principles. Certainly, they apply, but I believe the strongest thing we can offer people as ministers of the gospel is a change of thought in regard to the finish line of our faith, our identity as children of God, and the Great Commission. We’re representatives, ambassadors for Jesus Christ. We’re not representing ourselves as much as we’re representing King Jesus to the world. Every time we walk into a room, the King walks in with us.

I think it was John MacArthur who said, “You don’t have to defend the Word of God. The Word’s like a lion. You just let him out. He knows how to take care of himself.” But as a ministry leader, you have an obligation to deliver the Word in an authentic way, which can only come from an authentic connection with the Master and submission to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. There is a dependency that is necessary to fulfilling our role, and it starts with a change in our thought patterns as leaders.

Jack Hayford wrote a great book called Life-Giving Leadership. I would recommend everyone in ministry read it. One of the parts in his book was called “Who Me?” I resonated with it because I didn’t feel like the leader of anything when I began. Matter of fact, I was in Bible school to learn the Word so I didn’t have to be in bondage anymore, not to be in ministry! My call to ministry was something I stumbled into as I explored the possibility and the power of the Word to transform my life. It was a pathway for a thought pattern, “let’s affect more people with the gospel,” which led me into leadership.

The Bible is full of “who me’s.” God spoke to Moses through a burning bush, and he said, “Who am I?” God said, “You’re the man who’s going to free My people from Pharaoh.” Moses thought he didn’t have the training or equipping for that, but he was the one selected by God to lead the mighty exodus.

Moses, in fear, tried to get out of his calling. Do you know you’re never going to call off your kingdom calling? Moses questioned what talents he had to pull the mission off. God knew he had none, but He was going with him and would be whatever was needed. He was teaching Moses a dependency factor in leadership. Not only was Moses depending on God; God was depending on Moses to step up and say yes to the call!

Your success is determined by your development in the thought patterns of a leader. Until the cause to which you’ve been called to rises inside you, the “who me?” will prevent faith in action. Your success depends on His power not your own “coolness factor,” if you will. I want you to understand this because I don’t want you to do a great work for God; I want you to do a great work with God.

Some people are born into greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. Leadership that is thrust upon us and our ability to then manage our calling and get help like Moses did is critical. God will not allow you to do it all alone, so don’t fear! He will be with you, and He will call people to come alongside you to help fulfill the mission. We all need help.
Jeremiah 29 says that God knows the thoughts He has toward us, to give us hope and a future, and that future is tied to the connection and dependence between you and God. He has a plan that those things He works out through us, through our stories, will be significant. As leaders, we’re not just here to take up space, and the Holy Spirit isn’t in us just to take a ride. He’s there to make a difference!

Let the Lord’s purpose come alive in you today. His purpose and the passions He has given you need to have free reign. They need to run uniquely through your life! I hope today you will determine to be like Moses: Though you feel the “who me?” inside, you will follow God and heed the instruction of the Holy Spirit. I promise you, He will do mighty things in and through you – and your ministry! – as you change your thought patterns and embrace dependency on Him.

The content of this blog was transcribed from the October 7th LIVE Significant Church webinar – view the complete discussion here!