Significant Church Network | “Slow Growth is Good Growth: Stories of Impact” By Pastor Justin Ross
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“Slow Growth is Good Growth: Stories of Impact” By Pastor Justin Ross

“Slow Growth is Good Growth: Stories of Impact” By Pastor Justin Ross

This past Easter weekend was one we will not soon forget. Who would have thought four short years ago that two inexperienced pastors and their sixteen friends would reach 808 people on Easter 2018?

If it weren’t for Significant Church, I’m not sure we would be telling this story today. Thanks to Pastors Jim and Tamara, and a host of incredible mentors within the Sig Church network, we had the support and encouragement to start Impact City in February 2014. The odds were against us, and the first year did not pass without trials. Our first summer was a test of our faith. But we’ll never forget Tamara telling us, “Daddy always said slow growth is good growth”. We just wanted SOME growth!

Now four years later, we are celebrating with heaven as we baptize new believers every month and continue to make more room for the growth that is pouring in. Over the last year, our church has grown by 40% in our average Sunday attendance!

We wouldn’t dream of saying we have it figured out, because we know without a doubt it is not us, but God, who is bringing the harvest. We also could not have predicted how it would come.

January this year, a teenager at our local high school, Mason Boyd, died in a car accident. He was a very likeable, fun-loving, student-athlete, and the loss grieved our whole community. But amidst the darkness, God birthed a light of hope. We hosted a prayer vigil in our church as an effort to provide the community a place to grieve together. We were not prepared for what would follow. Over 400 teens and parents flooded our doors that night, along with the local news stations and community leaders. That began a ripple effect of families turning to the Lord, some for the very first time. Since January of this year, we have had 146 decisions for Christ, and 35 baptisms. Mason died young, but inspired a spiritual wave that continues to grow. Mason’s best friends have committed their life to following Christ and inviting people to church.

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Stories like that are happening all around us. Drug addicts are breaking free from addiction. Suicidal people have found hope. Single moms are finding strength and support. Atheists are becoming believers. Grown men are surrendering to Jesus. And we stand in awe. Only God. Only He could be at the root of all of this. Praise God, and thank you Significant Church for believing in something you could not yet see!

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