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Not the Same, but Unified by Gary Brothers

Not the Same, but Unified by Gary Brothers

Psalm 133 is all about “Unity” within the family of God. It may be perhaps the most challenging thing we face within what the Bible calls the “Body of Christ.” Unity does not mean sameness but harmony.

Until we get to heaven we will always disagree about certain doctrines, practices and procedures.

When I think of unity I think of the story of the “Three Musketeers.” These men had a pack between them sealed with an oath…”All for one and one for all.” Now that’s what I call unity.

When we make decisions that help us but hurt other parts of the family…that’s not unity. When we speak negatively about other family members…that’s not unity. When we stir up strife, and spread false rumors…that’s not unity.

Unity could also be describe as “preferring one another.” Hopefully we will keep working on this and achieve some level of “Unity” and “Harmony” for the sake of the gospel. Perhaps unity could or should start in the home. That’s where all great lessons are learned.

Gary Brothers is the pastor of Cape First Church in Cape Girardeau, MO. 

Follow Gary on Facebook @pastorgarybrothers

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