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Happy Wife, Happy Life

Happy Wife, Happy Life

The past few decades, our society has seen a lot of progress in a lot of areas. We’ve made huge technological and medical advances, and we’ve seen many social issues aggressively pursued. But there’s one area in which we’ve gone backward—one toward which I really believe we need to turn our focus. Marriage and family.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that since 1965, the divorce rate has increased by one and a half times what it was. I know there are some instances when divorce is needed, and I’m not referring to those. But in general, God designed marriage for life.

In my mind, there are two words that generally describe why we are collectively failing miserably at marriage. Secular humanism. Secular refers to indifference toward or rejection about God. Humanism is basically the idea that we can do whatever we want to do because we’re the center of the world as human beings. What this belief has brought into our world is that we can do what we please, no matter how badly we hurt each other in the process.

That’s why marriages are failing. That’s why good homes are being broken apart. A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how wives can do their part in reversing this statistic. Today, I’m going to talk to the husbands.

The truth is that I’ve never had to do marriage counseling with a woman who looked at me and said, “Pastor, I can’t live with my husband anymore. He loves me like Jesus loved the church. He is so kind and compassionate… I just have to get rid of Him!”
No, because when we love like Jesus does, things work out. He takes care of us.

So how can we as husbands do that? The truth is that it doesn’t matter if you’re trying hard if you’re trying hard at the wrong things. So let’s talk about what your woman truly needs from you.

The Bible gives us the top three in Ephesians 5. The first is a need for regular communication. Our wives need to know that we care deeply about what’s going on in their lives and want to help them process it.

The second is godly leadership. Our call as men is to come home and to communicate to our wives that they aren’t alone. That we are going to make certain that we lead our homes in a way that God is proud of us.

Finally, women need the promise of personal and financial security. They need to know that just like Jesus, you won’t leave them, and that you will always protect and take care of them.

No matter what statistics say, I truly believe that this generation has the potential to be the greatest that we’ve ever seen. We can see revival in our nation, cities, and communities, and it all starts with our homes. The best way to bring revival is to build relationships based on the love of Jesus!

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