And the theme of this year’s retreat is… Multiply!

And the theme of this year’s retreat is… Multiply!

Multiplication is something that we think about often as pastors. How can I multiply the work that we are doing here so that it is most effective?

Last year around this time, this was something that had taken up an increased amount of space in my heart as I prepared my church staff for the coming year. We decided to read Dave Ferguson’s Hero Maker and think about how we could most effectively multiply what we were doing to further the Kingdom.

That’s when I came across Ralph Moore— a pastor and church planting/multiplication expert. He has mastered and is now teaching how to effectively multiply disciples for the Kingdom. That’s the theme of our retreat this year. We hope you’ll join us as Ralph will help us understand the answers to questions like:

  • How do we connect with new people so that disciples MULTIPLY in our church? 
  • How do we engage with churchgoers so leadership MULTIPLIES in our church? 
  • How do we engage future church leaders so healthy churches MULTIPLY in our world. 
  • How do we engage missional leaders so churches MULTIPLY in the parts of the world that need them most?

I truly am so excited for this retreat. I can’t wait to enjoy the people who are going to be in the room. The truth is— the answers most of us need aren’t that hard to find; they’re in the hearts of one another!

If you haven’t yet registered — you can do so here.

Can’t wait to see you soon!
Jim Graff